About Me

Hola, Salut, Salam, and yes Hello World.

Hi, My name is Anas I like to call myself LosLid for the sake of ego's and stuff, at the moment I am still young in my mid tweenties, I like to do nothing with that I found myself doing everything and finally getting interest of something, to many things yeah right it's life.

in my free time I attempt to code till it gets bad enough to give up then I go watch a movie or a tv-show and watch the crypto market too, no games I have only asphalt on my pc that's a shame I know. did I say this somehow is my 24/7 till some alien show up and tried to fork my blockchain but nah boring routine rules .

Socially agh do not bother, I tried and failed maybe because of my too much connection with screens, tablets ... we need a research on that. because I am like I have google, wiki and the WWW and they don't even argue they just throw it like it is yeah I kinda hate arguing, speaking about AI's I think I am on my way to build one of those shhhh tell nobody.